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What we want

ICTU aims to make a significant contribution to the development of the Czech economy so that the Czech Republic can become a leader in competitiveness and thus build an innovative and knowledge-based society. Therefore, ICTU is in a position to co-author proposals for major reforms, legislation and key decisions aimed at the development of ICT in the Czech Republic. ICTU is a partner of state regulatory institutions. ICTU is a pragmatic and efficient association. This means that it wants to put forward proposals that are realistic, practical and, of course, beneficial not only to the ICT industry. However, ICTU does not lobby for the individual interests of its members or influence government procurement.

What we offer

ICTU membership may not bring you direct economic benefits, but it does offer you:
A chance of helping shape a strategy for information society development in Czech Republic
The opportunity to meet ICTU's political, administrative, and business leaders
The opportunity to meet colleagues from the industry (many renowned companies are members of ICTU)
The opportunity to consult laws and other documents related to the ICT sector and not only to the ICT sector

What we expect

In addition to the necessary obligations (such as paying membership fees), you may or may not participate in ICTU activities (as this is not an obligation, we respect your company's time and staff availability):
Attend all ICTU events (some events are for statutory representatives only; others are open to all)
Influence what ICTU does and promotes
Nominate representatives to working groups dealing with specific activities.

In principle, you can be a member because you support ICTU activities, but you are not obliged to take part in ICTU activities. However, we naturally welcome active members who are prepared to occasionally give up some time and "know-how" in the interests of the industry as a whole.

I want to become a member

If you would like to become a member, please send the completed application form below (scan is sufficient) at Your application will be submitted to the ICT UNION Board of Directors for approval. You will then be contacted by the ICT UNION office with further information on how to proceed.

Členské poplatky

Membership of the ICTU is open to any natural or legal person who meets the following conditions and whose application for membership is considered favorably by the Board of Directors. What are these conditions?

Payment of the membership fee:

15 000 CZK / year

Payment of the fee for services provided (in two instalments)

65000 CZK (excluding VAT)Companies with an annual turnover of less than 125 million CZK
210000 CZK (excluding VAT)Companies with an annual turnover exceeding 125 million CZK
If a company joins the Association during a calendar year, it pays a pro-rata fee for the services provided, i.e., for each calendar month in which it was not a member, 1/12 of the fee is deducted.

Exceptions to these conditions may be decided upon by the Board of Directors. However, exceptions do not apply to the payment of membership fees!

Detailed information can be found in the Statutes of ICT UNION.

Is there something you'd like to know about?

Email us at

If you would like to speak to us personally, please contact Šárka Štůlová.

Šárka Štůlová, Office Manager

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