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We are a professional association of companies in the IT and electronic communications field, ICT UNIE z.s., located at Na Florenci 2116/15, 110 00 Prague 1, our identification number is 67982492, and we operate these websites ( ), on which we use cookies.

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What are cookies

Cookies are short and small text files that are stored in your device's browser (mobile, computer, etc.). When you return to our website later, your browser sends us the stored cookie, and our website will remember you. You won't need to set your language, currency, etc., again. It also allows us to customize the website for you and display content that interests you or that you've saved on the page. Thanks to cookies, we have feedback on our website and know what interests you, what you come back for, and what needs improvement. There's no need to worry. Nowadays, most websites use cookies, and you can delete them from your browser at any time.

According to their origin, we divide cookies into:

  • First-party cookies  – their validity is limited to the domain of the website you are viewing.

  • Third-party cookies  – these are placed on the website through a script from a different domain and can track you across multiple domains (not just ours).

According to their expiration, we divide cookies into:

  • Short-term (session)  – they are deleted from your browser immediately after it is closed.

  • Long-term (persistent)  – they are not deleted after closing the browser and remain preserved. They are only deleted after a certain period of time. The duration depends on the specific cookie and your browser's settings. Of course, you can delete such a cookie manually in your browser earlier.

According to their purpose, we categorize cookies into the following categories:

  • Technical (essential or functional) – these are cookies without which it simply doesn't work. Our website needs them to function correctly. Without them, it would not be possible to, for example, search, fill out forms, or play videos.

  • Analytical (statistical) – they help us understand what works and what doesn't on our website. They allow us to determine which content and features are popular, what types of devices you use to access the website, in other words, they help us improve not only our website but especially its content.

Used cookies

Technical cookies




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This cookie file maintains the website's language settings.

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Analytical cookies

For analytical purposes, we use services and tools provided by Google (Google Analytics 4), which are further specified in the section below.

Other processors and their terms

Cookies are also processed by other processors, according to their cookie usage and handling policies:

How to withdraw consent or change cookie settings

If you have given consent for cookies, you can revoke it at any time without any harm. You can also change your cookie settings, allowing or refusing only certain categories of cookies on this website.

By clicking the “”, you can manage cookies on this website.

Blocking cookies in your browser

Browsers allow you to block the storage of cookies directly in your browser. However, if you disable the use of all cookies, some parts of (not only) our website may become non-functional. Browser settings need to be done separately for each of your devices (laptop, phone, tablet).

Information on how to set cookie file storage in the browser can always be found on the respective browser's website:

Microsoft Edge
Internet Explorer

Where to find more information about cookies

If you want to learn more about cookies and their use, try one of the following websites:,,,

Cookies can also be managed using the online tool at:

You can enable or disable Google's personalized advertising at:

Finally, please note that these cookie usage policies were processed as of October 2, 2023, and may be subject to change in the future.